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What fruit and veg are in season in August?

What are the best fruit and veg to eat during August?

Summer is well underway and we have a great selection of fruit and vegetable to choose from during August.

One of the advantages of eating fruit and vegetables that are in seasons is the cost savings that come along with that. It is a great way to reduce your food bill. Not only is this good for the wallet but also for the environment. This also has the added advantage that our food travels less miles.

This is a great time to make preservatives, jams and pickles. You can pick up the ingredients cheaply and make things to enjoy throughout the year. One of my favourites is making jam, it’s easy to do, and everyone loves a jar of homemade jam during the festive season. All you need to a simple jam is sugar and fruit. Dissolve the sugar in a pan before adding the fruit. Boil until set. To set your jam is set, place several spoons in the freezer. When you want to test your mixture, remove one and place a small blob of jam mixture onto the frozen spoon. If it starts to set, then your jam is ready to be placed into jars, if it is still liquid, cook the mixture for longer.

In season and best to eat during the month of August are:

Apples – we have a great selection of English apples, and you really should take this opportunity to try some alternatives to our overseas favourites.

Beetroot – so versatile, great in a salad, pickled or even roasted

Courgette – another great versatile vegetable, for those who are not so keen, try grating this into cold or hot dishes. I love it grated into a salad, or hidden in a shepherd’s pie.

Nectarine – Get them while you can, the season is short but this delicious fruit are best to eat now.

Sweetcorn – Fantastic grilled on the BBQ, boiled as a side dish or chopped off the cob in a salad. There are so many different ways to eat sweetcorn, but the best month to eat English ones are now!

Tomatoes – they come in all shapes and sizes, and can be eaten raw or cooked. Whichever is your favourite, now is the time to try the British varieties as they are at their best.