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Christmas Dinner Planning

The key to a successful and stress-free Christmas dinner (or any other dinner) is in the planning.  You don’t want to be rushing around at the last minute on Christmas day, so the key is in preparing in advance.  Work out what you are going to eat on the day and discuss any specific dietary requirements in advance.  Plan your menu and pre-order any items in advance – such as turkey (make sure it fits in your oven!) or vegetable boxes.

Prepare vegetables in advance – this can be done the day before, peel, dice and chop vegetables and leave in cold water in the fridge.  Alternatively, some dishes can be made in advance and frozen.

Make stuffing and leave in the fridge overnight – or if you are really organised these can be made and frozen up to a month in advance.


Ensure that any frozen items are defrosted accordingly, especially the turkey.

Weigh the turkey or other meats to calculate the cooking time.

Decide what time you want to eat and work back from there – this will help you work out what time it should go in the oven.


There can be a lot going on so here are the key points you will need – it may help to print if off and write it down on Christmas day.


Don’t forget to set the table in advance!!. Do you have enough crockery and cutlery for everyone you have invited? Do you need to borrow any chairs?

The food timing:

Turkey in the oven;

Turkey out (don’t forget it needs to rest);

Potatoes in the oven;

Other veg in the oven;

Other veg on the hob;

Re-heating of any items and times;

Sit down at;

Pudding at;


Good luck and Happy Christmas!!